Photographer &
High end Content Creator

Jose A. Ortuño

Photographer &
High end Content Creator

Photographer &
High end
Content Creator

Jose A.

Based in Marbella, Jose is a one of the most valued photographers in the area.

With over 10 years of experience, Jose’s photography has been featured in prestigious publications and magazines such as “Esse magazine” or “GQ”. He has also had the privilege of working with high-profile celebrities and models.


If you are looking for a professional and polished result in your photographs, studio portraits are the ideal choice.


Discover beauty at its finest through landscape photography. Each image captures the grandeur of nature in its various forms


Videography captures moments in motion and adds visual and audio effects to create exciting and personalized experiences at events.


Photo retouching perfects and enhances images by correcting imperfections, adjusting lighting and color, and enhancing the image for a professional result.


The photographer plays a very important role in a wedding, capturing the most significant and special moments of this unique day.


Drones capture unique views of landscapes and buildings, ideal for outdoor events such as weddings or festivals to achieve a spectacular.

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Marbella, Spain